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Originally Posted by lilricky View Post

My complaint- I didn't get any.


Looks awesome, two thumbs up!


LOL!  What he said!    bravo.png


I'm not a big fan of the potential 'hot' of the ribs and seeds of the jalapeno, but the flavor can be quite nice.  They look sooo very yummie!  Kudos!

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Man, those looks deelicious! 



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Yep, agree with everybody else. Looks great for your first batch....the bar is now set for your future batches.

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Looks amazing!  I am so going to do Sausages on my Vacation in July!  Yours look first rate! (and you know exactly what is "in" them too)



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Originally Posted by jmcrig View Post

What you made looks great. If you are cooking at temps above 180 degrees, you won't need the cure. You can treat as you would fresh sausage and it will be great. You can also add ground chuck to it, I would do an amount equal to the total pork and fat. Experiment with your spices that you enjoy, and add a little binder to it to help retain moisture, non fat dry milk works. Looks like you've got a great start going, just continue with your flavor profile. Good Luck.

Hello jmcrig!  Noticed this is your first post here on SMF!  Would you mind popping by Roll Call so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome and Howdy Do?  We would like to know a bit more about you and what you like to do!



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I have tried some Hot Link Recipes that have too much " Stuff " going on. I like the sound of your simple approach...JJ

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 Those look great.Have never made any sausage so I have a question.....why the ice water bath? 

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This is great! thanks for the nice write up! i'm going to save this for when i finally get my sausage making done.

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Originally Posted by Toesmasher View Post

 Those look great.Have never made any sausage so I have a question.....why the ice water bath? 

In doing my research, I learned that the casings will shrink and wrinkle if they stay at that high temperature too long.  It won't affect the flavor, but just looks a little funny.  The idea of the ice water bath is to quickly cool the internal temperature of the meat to prevent this from happening.  Smoke flavor is very sticky (think about the inside of your smoker and how much of a pain it is to clean) so you don't have to worry about losing smoky flavor in this process.  So in short, it's for aesthetics.

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Sausage really looks good, it is something that I am wanting to try. Just got to talk the wife into letting me buy the

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I'd love to critique them for you. Please ship four-five to New Hampshire. :-). They look and smell great !!!! :-)

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you can get your high temp cheddar at Butcher and Packer out of prices

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They look amazing!!! Great job!!!

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Nice looking sausage, I bet they taste great and they are on my to do list.  Does the fresh jalapenos (or other fresh vegetables) shorten the shelf life of such products?  I am just trying to think how large of a batch I can make and how best to store them.


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love that jalapeno sausage!  grew up snacking on it with my dad while riding to go see my grandad and nana in Victoria, Texas 

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Looks great, I'm going to try it later this month when I get time. Thank you for the info and the recipes everyone.

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Looks great! I am going to have to give your recipe a try. Just out of curiousity, how does yours measure up to the sausage that you are trying to emulate?

Great first run.
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