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Big Brisket?

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Haven't done brisket yet and can only get 10-11 lb. size  around here.  As I don't want to experiment with a $30 piece of meat was wondering if can cut in half . Would that affect anything in the smoking process?  Sorry if that's a silly question.

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Muskieman. not a silly question, there are none here so anything goes...


You have chosen my favorite cut of Beef . I doit the Oldschool way(as is my tag). My first answer is that you CAN cut it in half(try to seperate the Point from the Flat (Pops has a method to do this) . It will decrease the time and keep you from being Jaded.


However , a full cooked Brisket is better, just takes longer.


Start your heat and get it to 225*F  before placing the Meat in) then layit with the fatside up and the thickest part toward the heat (unless Electric) then just place in the Smoker.


Now , the Meat will take appox. 1.5 hrs / lr. of raw meat , and some times it will stalla and remain ayt about 165*F for a length of time, just be patient and you'll end-up with a deliciously tender Brisket.


For my Rub, I use onlt Cracked Black Pepper , salt and Garlic and Onion powder. No Brinine needed unless you want Corned Beef or Pastrami. Rub it generously with the Rub (toomuch pepper for the Family ? just brush it off before serving) Beef needs Pepper and salt.


Place a probe in the thickest part of the Point (hump side) at the center of the Meat mass so you can get a correct temp.


A 10lb. Briskt can take up to 18hrs. , so be patient. Really patient...

When the temp. finally hits 200*F pull it THEN wrap it and place in a towel and in a cooler to rest

.Try nopt to open the door any more than you need to, saves heat and time, Don't worry, it will be juict and tender:


  just before wrapping and resting,however...


  the point fell off when I moved it to wrap in the foil...


   nice Smoke ring and tender as a babies Butt.


Hoping you have luck here, gao forth and . ..

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