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First Brined Turkey (with QView)

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I have smoked many a turkey but I have never thought to brine it. After ready many posts here (thanks to all) I thought I would give it a try. Using a recipe I found here for a brine I got a 15 lb turkey and let it sit in the brine for about 30 hours. I used all apple wood and had the temp right at 250 degrees. 


I have to say the brine made a difference, my wife said while the turkey has always been very good this one was just juicier. I will be using a brine next time for sure.


Here is the Turkey about an hour in:


When the Turkey was close to being done I realized there was a lot of space just not getting used, so I ran out and got a nice roast and some chopped up beef for fajitas:


Turkey done:

Turkey breast sliced off:

Roast Done:


Roast Plated:

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Looks absolutely delicious!  Do yourself a favor next round and put it into some type of roasting pan w/ rack and save all the drippings for gravy!

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Looks delish!  Good Job!



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Way to go , Link. Avery good Q-view and the Turkey,and roast looked great...but the Fajitas , what happened. That sounded good to me tooicon_cry.gif.


Keep on getting out there and doing that good stuff for the Family. Your Cyber Family here will be right there helping when needed.


I noticed you have no location on the Profile , please enter your location so we might give beter answers to your querries.


Meanwhile have fun and as always . . .

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Thanks Guys and Gal, Sorry I forgot to get a picture of the fajita meat and it disappeared quickly. I thought my location was in there sorry. I am in Michigan waiting for the weather to stabilize and let summer actually start.

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Nice smoke! I'll bet it was a great weekend.

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Great looking food!  Love the color on the turkey and roast,  Keep it up!!!icon14.gif

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Awesome job on that turkey!  You just can't beat a brine on a big bird like that but don't neglect the little chickens!  They like a brine bath too.




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