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My first smoke..Qview

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Pulled pork done on a Weber Spirit-310 SE.


250 for 9.5 hours using Billbo's recipe found









Overnight rub!                                                                                   Ready to serve!


After 9 hours...Lookin good!                                                        Time to eat!!!




Came out great!!!!!

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Great 1st time smoke!  Did you keep notes?  Weight of meat, rub, temp, time, etc.?  It's great keeping a notebook on your smokes to see how one compares to another, what improvements you can make, try different rubs, and so on!  There is an article on it:


Many smokes over many years you can track your improvements, plus re-discover tricks from the past you can use again!


Bearcarver, a long time smoker, practices this, for example.  See his post on double-smoking hams - he keeps records!

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Looks really yummers!  Like the Yuengling on the side too!


Kat drool.gif

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That's my kinda plate, No room for anything else!


Ditto on the notes, I track most of my stuff on a website.

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Looks delicious! Bilbo's rub is my favorite at least for now.

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That looks stellar. Dang, I'm hungry now.

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