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My first chicken, quesitons

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Master Forge gas smoker.


I have done ribs, beef, and talapia for fish dip, but no chicken yet. I picked up a 6 pound whole chicken and am thinking of doing it beer can style. Using the beer can, will I still have to brine? Would oiling the skin before the rub help the skin crisp? or should I plan on throwing on the grill after to crisp it?


I usually do beer can chicken on the grill using the stand for the can and McCormick's grilling mate Monterrey chicken seasoning.



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Brining is awesome, no doubt about that.  Yet, I've still done smoked chicken in a pinch straight from the grocery store without brining, and they still turn out great. 

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I just did one last weekend in my MFP. I didn't brine or beer can and it was juicy and delicious. I cooked it at 325* and jacked it to 350* for the last half hour. Skin was nice and crispy. I have also done them at lower temps with the same results but not crispy skin so I put it under the broiler for a few. From now on I'll be doing them at the higher temp.
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You can try it, but it's not mandatory.... not everyone likes the texture. Yes the oil will help.... I'd smoke it around 300 - 325° if your smoker gets that hot.

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I do chickens all the time, there is no need to brine.  A little olive oil, rub ( I like Tony's ) and smoke over  300 ( I go 325) to an IT of 165.   I don't know your smoker and use my drum smoker for them now and use no water pan. If your smoker uses a water pan then put sand in the pan.

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You'll be  o. k. @ 300* to 350*F Chicken crip better in hot environments.  Watch it closely ,and make sure the Smoke doesn't get too heavy or discolored(Black or heavy,thick White).


Anything you wish can be in the Can, helps some ,but Brining will be your best can still use the Can .


Have a good thermometer handy to check for Internal Meat Temp. (IMT) of 165* or more in the middle of the Breast and Thighs . Do not touch Banes when getting temp. and have fun.


As always . . .

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