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They look darn good to me.Way to go...

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Again, you did a great job for the first time. Way better than i did and made mistakes over the years. Tweeking the seasoning is something we all do at times.  As far as grinding twice, it's personal preference for the most part.  When i was still  working i ground meat almost everyday until i became manager and even then at times.  We always ground beef and even pork twice. Once through a course plate and once through a fine plate [ground beef and ground pork]. For chili meat [beef] or chow mein meat [pork] it was twice through the course plate.


This is basicly what i do at home also. My course plate is 1/4 inch and my medium plate is 3/16th in. For kielbasa for excample i run the meat mix twice through the course plate and for brats and breakfast sausage i go course and then the medium. If you run small amounts say 10 pounds or less you realy dont need to clean the knife and plate and run again after half the grind. However in my opinion say you do 25 pounds.  Then half way [using the medium or fine plate] it's a good idea to stop the grinder half way through to clean the knife and plate and then continue on. This will help with a consistant texture of the meat mix.


I personaly dont like the 1/8th inch plate. Just too fine for me, but that's personal preference. Go with what you like and what works for you. I make smoked polish for my neighbor and all he like is course ground.  Your smoked andoille turned out great as i see it.  Reinhard

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Bama...those all look me the itch to try my toys too.  I am one of those that doesn't like the heat from sausages...a little kick is fine...smoke coming outta my ears not so much.  I would do both....mild and spicy...that way when you serve folks...or sell it...they can have a choice.



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Looks great Bama!!


Try this recipe and if you want more heat up the crushed red pepper some..



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Sweet !

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