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First smoke.....

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Got my new WSM all assembled and ready on Friday.  Seasoned up my pork butt last night and fired it up this morning.  Only a couple small issues with the first smoke.  Couldn't find my remote thermometer, so I just used the one on the lid though I know it isn't perfect.  Second issue was that I didn't put quite enough charcoal in for the entire smoke.  I had to add some for the last hour of the smoke.  All in all I call it a success, need to work on the rub a little bit but when you decide to season it at 11:30 at night you use what you can find.  I didn't get as many pictures as intended cause I was so focus on the task at hand.  I want to thank all you guys for you guidance and knowledge, it made my first smoke very enjoyable.


Using the minion method getting it fired up.




Here is a not so good picture of the finished product hitting the cooler.


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Rem, morning.....   Good lookin' butt....   I'd eat it....    Dave

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Looks good to me!! more bark=more happiness Looks-Great.gif

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Looks good, nice thick Bark to mix in for a great smoke flavor.


Ain't Butt a hooticon_question.gif So easy and forgiving. A great learning cut.


Have fun and . . .

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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post
Have fun and . . .REMEMBER - PATIENCE IS a VIRTUE ;)-


I had read this on your responses before and I just kept saying that to my self as I was trying to get the temp set at the beginning.....and then when I wanted to take the lid off to see what it looked like long before it was done.


The pork was really good, had great smoke flavor but not too much.  I still need to work on the rub just a little bit but a great starting point in my opinion.  Thanks again for all the help guys!

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Looks great to me. That bark looks delicious, I can chew on that all day and be a happy camper.
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