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Butt and Babyback Ribs W/ Pics

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Cooked a 6 lb boston butt today. Rubbed in mustard and rub last night and let sit overnight in the fridge. Smoked in apple and hickory wood until it reached 150 internal temp. I wrapped in foil and moved to the oven as I had some other things to do instead of tending to the smoker all afternoon. I did put a bit of apple juice into the foil when I moved to the oven. Left it in the oven until 205 was reached. All temps, smoker and oven were 225-ish. 


I was worried as the butt as very black, but it was the rub cooking; not burning. *


After I hit 205, I wrapped in a towel and stuffed it in the cooler for 1.5-2 hours and just let it sit before I began to pull the meat. *


Ended up with almost a 1/2" smoke ring and tons of moisture all the way thru. Going to be good eats for a week now.


Also cooked a 3 lb slab of babyback ribs, used a different rub for this. Less black, and more spice. I used the 2-2-1 recipe that Jeff mentions, Worked to perfection, I stuck pretty strictly to the 2-2-1, although he says you can play with it a bit. Will definitely be more of this soon. *


I am a rookie...only having a couple of smokes under my belt, but both of these turned out amazing! 

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They both look like they turned out great!
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Looks really yummy....icon14.gif



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2thumbs.gif Nicely done! They look GREAT!!!

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very well done

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