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Graduation Party and Ribs

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Did I say Ribs ? guess I did... This was for my granddaughter

This is the smoker I had to use... never seen it before so I had a few challenges... It's propane fired (first time ever cooking with propane)... Also It's a rotisserie....

I did 10 racks of spares

ready for a little rest

Sorry.. didn't get any BEAR View...

and here's a lil something to finish dinner off

and then most of the kids... some had left

I had fun doing this... propane was pretty easy to work with... used my AMNPS and hickory pellets
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Looks like you had a fun day Keith!!!! Oh yea the ribs look pretty good too!!!!
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The ribs look great!  I like that smoker too!


Congrats to your granddaughter on her graduation...



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Nice lookin  ummm   yeah, Ribs!!  LOL!    Looks like a great time!

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Looks awesome Keith. Great job
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Looks great!!!! And congrats to the granddaughter!!!

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Way to go on those ribs!!! I got the same thing going next week [16 racks of St. Louis and pulled pork].  I'm sure everyone enjoyed those great lookin ribs. good luck.

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Great job on the ribs and Congrats Katie!


The ribs look awesome!



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Great job on the ribs. I love it when Kids like BBQ and eat a lot. Shows your prowess in Cooking.


Nice bunch of young-uns , and glad you had fun... that's a great part of the Holidays , teach them right and the future will be sound.


Have fun ,Congratulations to the Graduate and as always . . .

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Let the good times roll!

Awesome job smoking them ribs!!! 2thumbs.gif

post #11 of 12 that's huge!  Love my gasser too!


Tell the Grad congrats from us!  Proud of her!


Ribs looked awesome!



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Thanks everybody.. I can say that cooking with gas (first time) is a different animal... I did like that I didn't really have to babysit the fire... pretty much set it and forget it... BUT .... I couldn't get any chips to smoke in the pan.. they would just flame up... so I filled my AMZN cold smoker with hickory and lit both ends... It smoked great.. but just wasn't enough for that big smoker... I like a lot more smoke flavor...
since I don't use a water pan when using charcoal and wood chunks.. I figured I didn't need it in the gasser ether... WRONG ... gas is a very dry heat... I kept looking at the BIG drip pan in the bottom of the smoker thinking I need to put water in it... NAAAAAAA.. I never use water... bet I will next time...

But thanks again everybody.. It was definitely a learning experience...
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