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my new smoker

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Picked up a Smokin it #2 Electric smoker Stuffed it with a brisket, 2 slabs of St. Louis style ribs, a roll of maple sausage, and 3 huge baked potatoes. OMG!
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Keep us posted as to you your progress,  Holler if you need help. The main thing is Patience, especially the Brisket, don't push the temp. up, let it do it's thing. Mess with and it will get mad an never tender-up.biggrin.gif It should look like this:

brisket finish 002.JPG

Almost fall apart.Use a thermometer to track temps. to 200*F. it'll be great.


The Ribs , will be about 5 to6 hrs. at the same Heat for cooking 225*F or so as the Brisket. cook them until when picked-up with tongs about half way ( the middle of them ) and they break like this :



700 they are done to perfection.


Have fun and use a lot of patience .

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Don't for get to post pictures, We love pictures.  Good luck

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Way to start Lonslo! Fill that baby up & plug her in! Look forward to the result (with pics of course).

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