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lil shoulder

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fired up bessie at 8 this morning...


[photo IMAG0056_zps546ec84b.jpg



here it is at 245 and almost done


photo IMAG0057_zps398b7100.jpg

i think it has about another hour cooking, then an hour til pull....




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Hi dabirdz.


Have you checked the internal temp (IT) of the butt with a reliable temp probe yet?  You want to shoot for an IT of about 200*.  It looks like its coming along very nicely, great color and bark.  If you don't have an accurate probe, test it by pulling of the bone.  When it feels like it might slide right out of the butt, he's probably done.  Then a nice rest before pulling will put it over the top.


Good luck!  Be sure to show and tell how it turns out!



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175 internal, increasing steady, 20 per hour.

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Nice, and the Bark is gonna be lucious.drool.gif


Have fun and . . .

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200 internal, resting under foil- towel for at least 1 hour. bark was tasty...(chef needed to sample)

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Hey how'd it turn out?



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That butt looks beautiful!

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OMG it was awesome, tender and juicy. Injected with homemade holding/injection sauce pulled so easy, i felt bad telling the neighbors how hard it was to do!. money muscle was amazing. it was even better today!


final before pull.


photo IMAG0058_zpse6c39e91.jpg

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