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Today's rib smoke

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Hi All,


    Hope everyone is doing well and relaxing this Memorial day weekend.I have been out of the loop from smoking as just finally finished screening my deck.So now I can get back to smoking stuff in a bug-free environment!I am doing my first ribs ever with the 3-2-1 method using Bilbo's rub.I don't have any Q-view yet but will snap some when I take them out in a couple of hours,and update then.Just finally ordered some Q-Matz from Todd,so my next project will be easier handling and clean-up.










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Sounds great, Forrest!  Looking forward to seeing the qview....




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Ribs are out and it's time to eat!







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To Follow up,


     Next time I need to go lighter on the rub.I had put rub on last night and left them to sit in fridge overnight like I do with brisket and pork butts.I don't think that is really necessary for ribs.Aside from that,not bad for first try at ribs.That's the thing about this hobby,you just keep working at it and eventually you find what works best for you.






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Looks pretty good to me!


I hear ya on the rub.... been there myself.

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