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Par cooked brisket

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The plan was to cook a 15 pound packer brisket, but looks like the bossman is making me come into work tonight.  This little change in plan throws my brisket time out the window.  Can I cook it today for 6 or so hrs, take it off the smoker and put it in the fridge and pull it out tomorrow and finish the smoking?  If I par cook it today, can I take those 6 hrs off the projected 23 hr cook time and only need to cook it for 17 tomorrow?





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Jim.....  Par cooking is a recipe for disaster as far as food borne pathogens ending up in your meat is concerned...   If you have started cooking it, throw it in a low oven and let it finish overnight...   That is assuming you have not punctured the meat by injecting or inserting a thermometer in it.... in which case you will have violated the integrity of the "whole muscle" which is considered "bacteria free".... 

The meat will have entered the danger zone "40-140"... bacteria grows rapidly in that zone...    Dave

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Thanks Dave.    I started in the smoker, put it in the oven, and  I will go back to the smoker when I get home and an hr or so of sleep.  I did not inject or probe so bacteria should not be an issue

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Excellent.... better safe than the option....    icon14.gif

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