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just starting out

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Hey guys im just starting out on this wonderful smokey road and am very interested in developing my own rub. I have been reading alot and understand about the SPOG base for rubs but was wondering if anyone had any recipes i could use and begin to tweek as i start this wonderful experiance?!?


Thanks Matt

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If you use the handy search bar you will find a lot of rub recipes. There has to be something there to your liking or a good starting point for you.
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You could buy Jeff's rub.


I am a Steven Raichlen nerd. When I started out I read everything of his I could find. His Basic BBQ Rub would be a good start, and you can tweak it to suit you.

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i was think about gettin jeffs rub, but i really want to develope my own recipe. i just was looking for a good jumpimg off point. thanks for the link

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