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Chicken and ribs

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Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new here. I'm on my second smoke today. I have a weber smokey mountain. I wanted to do beer can chicken and a rack of ribs. Any tips on the timing. I was planning on doing 3-2-1 ribs on the top level. The beer can chicken on the bottom as it is presumably hotter there. How long should I let the chicken smoke? Should I put the chicken in a little after the ribs? Any advise out there in meat smoking land? All tips greatly appreciated.
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I did a chicken last weekend at 325* and it took almost four hours. If you do it at the same temp as your ribs ( presumably 225*ish) it will take longer than that. Also depends on the size of the bird. I believe mine was a six pounder. At the lower temp you won't get crispy skin, I would suggest finishing it on a hot grill or under a broiler. Are you doing spares or baby backs?
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Thank for the ideas I'm doing St. Louis cut spare ribs. I think I'll crisp it up on the grill after a good smoke
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Originally Posted by bb980 View Post

Thank for the ideas I'm doing St. Louis cut spare ribs. I think I'll crisp it up on the grill after a good smoke
Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Have fun and don't forget the pics.
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bb980 , hello and welcome to the forum ,i missed your intro.been waiting for today, love to see what everyone is having for their Holiday Cookout.  Hope you enjoy your day and remember Our fallen and Servicemen.


You have 2 very differently timed - - or should I say- - meats that take greatly different time to get to your finished temperature- - which is how we do Our thing here - - having a good thermometer is a necessity.


Your Ribs will take approximately - -5 to 6 hrs. - -  depending on your choice of Spares or BabyBacks.  The Chicken will take 2 hrs. appox. - - it would be hard to cook at once , however i have a solution.


Your Ribs should cook first, they cook at 225F for 5 to 6 hrs. - - if it is BabyBacks - - cook using the 2-2-1 method. tTwo hrs. unwrapped on the Smoker - - 2 hrs. wrapped in Aluminum Foil and on the same heat , with some kind of juice or liquid [ Beer would do] - - a 1/2cup or so - -  then the last hr. open the foil and let the firm-up. These will hold and tenderize more ,wrapped in the foil again and then a bath towel and placed into an empty cooler. You can leave them for 3 to4 hrs. and they will stay hot.


The Chicken takes appox. 2 hrs. - - here is where the themometer come in - - at a chamber temperature of 300f or a bit more - -  until your therm. registers at least 165f in the breast and legs/thighs.


Don't cook together - - too much chance of cross contamination - - and easier to control .This will also give you more time to celebrate, your Guest won't mind a bit of a wait for the Chicken. A good time to enjoy you refreshments.


please be safe and read our hints on safety ,as well as a whole lot good sides to try.


Have fun and as always. . .

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