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No it was a crazy day... i had to do those, smoke a bunch of bbq chicken and 3 racks of ribs so everyone else could enjoy the party.    They are so good that they deserve their own name....I'll name them "sweet buffalo turds" SBT's because they are sweet.. Awesome is all i can say. 


You're onto something!  I like it...


Glad to hear they turned out so good.



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So I used Anaheim's yesterday for ABTs - a little milder than Japs but are definitely not what any sane person would call mild. Nice kick to them. Here's what I came up with.

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I doubt kids will do any type of peppers. So, how about some Moinks. meatballs wrapped in bacon smoked with a dab of bbq sauce!

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I was looking for something without the heat and I think the SBT and MOINKS will fit the bill for some of my whimpy family members. Great ideas.
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