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New mes 40 with cold smoker attachment

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Well a couple weeks back I had purchased a mes 40 from SAMs once they restocked after what I guess was a recall I seasoned it and smoked some BB ribs and beef ribs (they were great) right after that i decided something to make the smoke run a bit longer would be needed to achieve that maintenance free smoking that I was not getting from my side fire box chargriller!! (Which I will still use a good bit since the main reason for this unit is sausage).. Well here it goes a mini review on the mes 40 and cold smoker attachment.

Here is the mes 40 with cold smoker attachment and also a couple of pics of the inside of the cold smoker since I could not find any while researching

With chute in

Chip chute out showing heating element
And my foot I guess haha

Here is the chip chute itself

Here is the screen on the chip chute that holds the chips from pouring through


Alright on to the seasoning test run of the cold smoker have the actual smoker on but not heating.. i filled the chute in the cold smoker a bit less then half way here is the layout...the probe on top shelf will be labeled #2 on the maverick and the second to the bottom shelf will be probe #1 don't mind the wood in the smoker figured I may as well season my sausage rack as well


Here is what I would guess is 45 to a hour in didn't pay Much attention to time




A nice tbs

I have no doubt in my mind as long as I ain't trying to do cheese on a 85 90 degree day I will be just fine!

Turned the mes 40heating element on and set temp at 100



Then brought her up to 140



Had same to similar on 160 and 180

Road to 225 (had to cut out early due to light rain turning heavy) I started to experience bigger gaps in the maverick mes 40 readings kinda think it could be because it was a empty smoker but could be wrong if the weather is nicer this weekend I will cook something and find out



Overall I was pretty happy with the mes and the cold smokers performance as far as the cold smoker goes I didn't experience any of the chip feed problems others have but also have not ran a full chimney the partial one I did run still had burning wood going and was producing TBS after over 3 hours when the rain picked up...
The hook to attach the cold smoker unit is a bit annoying the first time it's put on but once you figure out what your feeling for it becomes real simple I installed it and removed it a couple times!! I was happy with the smoke quality from what I seen/smelled but only a good cooking on it well tell for sure so hopefully the weather holds up for the weekend so I can get some q view of it posted up and run a true test!! Sorry for the excessive amount of pics!
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Congrats on the new MES and a good review. I've got the same one and I know you're gonna love it. Now start smokin' some meat!

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