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mold question

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    Hi guys i've got a quick question.

I started a Bresola a few days ago and decided to try it with a beef bung casing. Any how,

im only about a week in the dry prosses and i noticed white mold on the outside as well as on the inside were i had not got all the air out. i used a sharp knife to poke holes in after i stuffed it but it may have let air in in the long run.


   What will be the long term affect if any? should i remove the casing and continue the dry or should i just let it go? Im not sure i have never had this problem.



thanks .!!

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I would let it go. If you start smelling rank smell then toss it. Sometime you might get an ammonia smell, its just the process.


White mold = good

Black or gray mold = bad

Greenish blue mold = bad

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