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First smoke. Came out great!

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Well, after buying my smoker box last weekend, I was itching to break it in. I spent the week reading the e-course emails, browsing this forum and getting tips from friends. Then Friday I bought two 9lb Boston butts, covered them in mustard and rubbed them with magic dust (A rub that was recommended to me by a friend). Early Saturday morning I started the smoke around 5am. Had some difficulty maintaining a constant grill temp, but luckily I was monitoring meat temp, so I knew when I need to take them out. Did 8 hours in the smoker ( up to 160-165 degrees), then wrapped in foil, drenched in apple juice and into the oven on 250 for about 3 hrs. Basically, A lot of trial and error. Learned quite a bit. Everyone at the party loved the meat and even got some compliments from a couple guys who smoke as well. All in all... I'm pretty happy. Can't wait to do it again. 











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Looks great! Congrats on a successful first smoke. 

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Looks good! Despite the trial and error part, hopefully you enjoyed your cook!

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Looks pretty good from here! Nice job on your first smoke

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happy smoken.


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