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I love my Lil Tex so much I talked my brother into getting one. It is easy to use but the smoke flavor is very light, so when I want a real smoke I use my off set smoker. I have roasted whole chicken, ribs, BBQ beans and much more for just about a year now but the thing I really like to make on my Traeger is pastrami!! Mmmmm!! Much better than anything you can buy in a store or deli around here. I have been trying different brands of pellets to see what I like best. This is the easiest way to do a cook overnight without having to get up and check the fire.

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Thanks all - have been using the Traeger for a couple of months now - really like it.

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What pellets, and why are you yelling?
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Sorry about the caps, I was asking about  Lumber Jack pellets or any other kind. I'm new at this tyvm

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No worries. Yeah, pretty much any pellets will work with any pellet grill, just some better than others. The three brands mentioned by Lizzie seem to be the consensus favorites. The Traeger brand pellets are overpriced and Alder filler and flavored with oils, so I wouldn't recommend them.
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Thank You for the information...th_INGardenbbq7.gif

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Hey guys, just got a new Traeger BBQ055 (smallest Traeger with a smoke, medium, and high setting) Just wondering how to maintain a 225 temp to smoke? Any advice? The temp goes up to 230, but sometimes drops to 180 at times? I am trying to get a consistent temp, but with only three settings, it's hard. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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Purchase a Traeger BBQ 075 last July.  Haven't been able to control the temperature since day one.  Contacted Traeger and did all the P setting adjustments with little help in temperature control.  The temperature will swing about 70° between pellet feeds no matter what the P setting is. Traeger has not offered to replace the controller or the temp probe. The grill will be going back to Costco next week and I will be going back to my Masterbuilt propane smoker.  For the money paid for the smoker I expected a better smoker.

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I had the same problem. I had to purchase the digital controller and install it myself. I waited on it to go on sale. It does help. The grill is sensitive to outside temperatures though so you will have to keep an eye on it. I use a remote temp thermometer to keep track of the temps. If you are doing a low and slow you will need to either keep checking the hopper or use the soda box method to keep the hopper full. It will run out on you.

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Did the same thing. Got the Ortech vontroller.
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After paying what I did for the Traeger BBQ075 grill I don't plan on spending any more money to make it work as advertized.  For a few hundred dollars more I can get a better quality USA made grill with all the extras that would cost about the same for the Traeger.  Traeger did not offer to replace the controller or the temp probe when I suggested that was my problem.  All they could suggest was to change the "P" setting. One tech told me to change to a specified "P" setting and the next tech told me that was incorrect to change it to what I had previously had it set at.  The Traeger techs suggested there was nothing wrong with my controller or temp probe and I needed to figure it out.  The techs were nice and courteous to talk to as far as our conversations went.

Some people think the Traeger is a great smoker but I am not one of them.

Costco has a return policy and I am going to utilize their policy. 

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For my Lil Tex, I installed a nomex gasket for the door and placed 4 or 5 fire bricks on the bottom to help maintain temps.  Seems to even things out.  Wind seems to be my biggest enemy now.  


If you have amazon prime with free 2 day shipping, the best deal around seems to be the CookinPellets.  $38 for a 40 lb bag. They also have 100% hickory, but they're a little more.

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I have a bbq075. I will never buy another traeger again. I have replaced my digital controller 6 times. Replaced the temp prob twice. Replaced the the fire pot 4 times. The fan motor once and auger motor once. In my opinion traeger are the biggest pos out there. When spring comes it will be replaced with a Memphis elite or a XL or xxl big green egg.
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