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I Finally Ordered

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Some MojoBricks


These look like they are going to be my go to wood (chunks) for smoking in my WSM, Old Smokey electric & charcoal.

I got the mini-qubes


Mini-qubes = 1 hour or less for smoke


Bar B-qubes = 2 hrs

Mojo-qubes = 3+




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I saw those online the other day and wondered about them. Let us know how you like them please.

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Hi Rick.


I never heard of those...looks interesting.  I'd be curious to know how you like them as well.



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From the picture they look like mini shredded wheat cereal.
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They should hire a pro website designer tho..The current one is fairly crappy..




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Maybe a useful tool for gas grill folks but i'll think i'll stick to good o'le home grown wood and wood chunks for my charcoal cooks. 

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Just wondering what they are held together with?

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