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New to Smoking, and lots to learn

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I was giving a Brinkmann Charcoal Vertical Smoker Grill


This unit has a single door charcoal bowl - water bowl - 2 shelves - and I am assuming an  inaccurate thermometer .


I was told this unit was used once about 2 years ago


I asked and was told it had not been seasoned prior to use.


I plan on cleaning the 2 racks and 2 holder racks as well as both bowls with soapy water. (it was not cleaned after its only use)


now should I scrub the inside of the cabinet as well and season it?


or should I just assume it is seasoned from being used once?


I do have to replace a missing screw and also come up with something to replace the spring grip that went over the handle


This Smoker has had no Modifications made to it  (Yet)


But I will work on them here and there as I find good items for the mods.


also. would it be a good Idea to add another handle and split the door?



thanks  and I look forward to learning a lot.




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  Hi Jon. I see you got the best price possible for the Brinkman! I would go ahead and clean the inside and do a complete seasoning of the smoker, just to be sure. Check out Jeff's 5 day e-course. If I remember, that is the smoker he uses and will show some good mods. Happy smokin'.



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thanks for the information I will check the 5 day e course out.

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signed up for the newsletter and today is day 3 of the five day course.


managed to get all the racks,bowls, and bowl racks scrubbed clean yesterday -  hoping to clean the inside of the smoker today if the weather clears up a little more.


Decided to do a DIY Chimney Starter.  Just got to toss a couple more nuts and bolts in it and it is done.


looked through the supplies I have for grilling to see what I have on hand (town is a 30 mile round trip, I am in a rural area)  I do have about 10 pounds of charcoal briquets (Not instant Light), and I have a little bit of hickory chunks and an unopened bag of Mesquite).


Use to wrap them in foil and toss them on my gas grill for a little extra flavor -  really looking forward to do a real smoking for the first time.


So with that said once I get the smoker cleaned on the inside.  What is the Proper method for seasoning it?  I kind of want to try to smoke something this weekend to get an idea so that come memorial weekend I can smoke something with hopefully a little more confidence  



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