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Pretty straight forward way to do it. Took the shank bone from my recent double-smoked ham & hacked it in into 3 pieces. Soaked the beans overnight. Bones, beans and water in the DO, allowed to simmer about 6 hours. Added a diced onion and the chopped ham off the bones back in. A delicious mess of beans for future consumption from scraps & bones...amazing. This can also be thinned out and turned into bean soup as another option. Thanks for peeking...Willie


used shank from last weeks double smoked ham



over night soaked beans, shank chopped into3, odd ball thick slice of bacon



ham scraps off the shank after a long simmer in G'mas old DO



fairly thick after setting up--will container up & freeze most

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That looks outstanding! It's raining here and a bit cool so that would be mighty tasty now!

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Enough said. "Long simmer in G'mas old DO" I'll bet that is really good!

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That looks sooooo yummy!  Needs some cornbread and some fresh chopped onions!


Kat drool.gif

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Chef Willie,


That looks great! One of my favorite meals growing up was navy beans and ham soup with homemade bread! My mom has a old wood cook stove that she used to fire up on cold winter days to make soup and bread. Man did the house smell fantastic. This is making me drool, thank fully it's lunch time! The Kings Hawaiian Clone bread would be a good contender to go with this soup. Of course if you had access to another dutch oven the Loaf of Death would be fantastic too!

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