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Pulled Pork Stir Fry

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Just A quick fix for supper that I made tonight. I am always trying to figure different ways to make good  quick meals with all the great meats left after a big smoke. Just Frozen Stir Fry vegs. and a about 6 oz of left over pulled pork. 1 Tsp of EVOO and a good sprinkle of Lambert's Sweet Rub O'Mine. 8 minutes, and there it is.






pulled pork stir fry.jpg 1,993k .jpg file
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Nice idea, that looks really good, the more and more I read this site the more I realize pulled pork goes well in anything.
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Looks great! I used leftover rib meat in fried rice. 

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Looks good, good idea for leftover meat

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looks great. always looking for ideas for leftovers.

happy smoken.


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That looks delish!  drool.gif



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Looks delicious, Wildcat!  I'm trying to come up with something to do with some leftover smoked chuck roast from the weekend myself.  You might have inspired me...



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That looks great good job - wife would love that

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That looks so good! And, it is healthy too.



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