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Smoked Chipotle Pork Burritos

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Man this worked out really well. Rubbed a six pound Pork Shoulder with Brown Sugar, dark Coffee, salt, pepper, paprika, sweet hickory rub, and slap yo momma cajun seasoning. Smoked it for four hours at 265, wrapped it in plastic and then tin foil, put it back on and let it cook another three hours at about 275 until the meat was at 200. (used apple wood)


Took it out, pulled it, and then mixed in about a cup and a half of sweet bbq sauce mixed with a third of a can of Chipolte Peppers. There were about five or six in the can and I only used a couple of them and some of the sauce. They are very spicy so a little goes a long long ways. Mixed in about a cup and a half of sweet apple vinegar (hit all that hard in the blender) . Poured all of that in my pulled pork. Mixed it thoroughly. 


From then on it is your standard burrito. 12 inch shells warmed in the microwave. Lay in white rice, black beans, my chipolte pork, shredded Colby Cheese and some Oklahoma Joe's Cole Slaw. No further sauce necessary. Wrapped it up and ate it. Brother that is good eaten right there. Best Burrito we ever made here in this house. Best I have eaten anywhere. Try it, you will like it. It has a kick though. This is not vanilla bbq, this has a little bit of edge to it. It isn't hot really but it is spicy an you can feel it warm you after you eat it. Absolutely delicious though. We will be doing this again.


Randy Westfahl

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Randy, morning and welcome to the forum.....   Since you are new here, we love pictures of your grub.....   Dave



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haha I should have done that but they ate them too fast. When I first mixed the chipolte peppers in the meat it scared me to death. I thought I had ruined it but when the sweet sauce and vinegar got to it, I started feeling better and when it got into the burrito it was sensational. Next time I will shoot pics.

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