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Pork Ribs

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So, being that my wife worked all weekend and she left me at home unsupervised...we had ribs for dinner last night. I used the 3-2-1 method and they came out fantastic. She couldn't believe how tender and juicy they came out. And of course, being that we were at the farmer's market on Friday, what goes better with ribs than corn on the cob...enjoy the Q-View





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Looks great Ben! Just out of curiosity, what kind of smoker are you using?

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I had to buy a new grill last weekend as my old char broil gas grill gave up. I bought a Brinkman, it has a gas grill on one side and a charcoal on the other, I just put the chracoal off to the side, meat on the other side, added a water pan and voila, a makeshift smoker. It is working pretty good though. My other smoker is a Brinkman upright charcoal, they both work, but I still have hopes for the wife to OK a better smoker...or two....:-)

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Here are some shots of the new grill:

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Ah-it looks like a Brinkmann Duo! -on the Charcoal side of the unit is there a knock-out down near the bottom to where you could add a Side Fire box? I'm thinking that with the shelving unit in place it would be a PITAB to load.

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There isn't a knock out (that I have noticed) but there is the vent for the charcoal...everything is modifiable...LOL

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Tasty looking ribs! Did you grill the corn too?

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Great ribs and congrats on the new toy!

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