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Tubed Casings

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Hi All With tubed casings do you have to used the whole tube? How much comes on 1 tube?


Thanks Dan

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Normally its like 10-15'

I have only used half a tube. Just dont push all the casing off the tube, put unused back with the solution.

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Hi Nepas I didn't know the tubed casing came in a solution. Soooo then I can use  what I want and save the rest for next time?

Thanks Dan

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Hi Has any body used the tubed casing? Would like to know what you think about them?

Thanks Dan

PS Is there a vedio some where about them?

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Thats all that I use..


I got over wrestling with the non tubed stuff..


They cost a little more, but it makes that part of stuffing real easy..


I get them from Syracuse Casing..



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