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Leah,Glad you liked it.I have been down at my fishing shack so haven't been following forums closely & also had internet issues.

This seasons bottarga turned out AAAA+ .It is salty but thats the authentic deal & I am not about to start messing with thousands of years of cooking tradition:biggrin:.

I also snap froze about 3kg so I can do another batch.Our mullet run is May to July.

I think its a great sprinkle on ingredient,fits very well with crab,cherry tomato,parsley etc pasta sauce.Clams a bit trickier because its salt on salt.

We have some of the same fish way down here as you guys,red mullet,grey mullet,swordfish,all the tuna ,mackerel & then a bunch of South Pacific only. Squid,O'pus,shellfish,same all over the world,sort of. 

I think that the method I set out here will work with other roe,I have used wahoo & kingfish for good results.I don't know what roe you can access but I think its essential to press it to get all the free moisture out.

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Moikel, that sounds fantastic! You are so blessed to have such access! I see your logo says, Sydney? I hope you weren't in harms way with all these fires? In any event, here's to all that fabulous fish, mollusk, and seafood bevy of goods that you get! T'is mighty delicious and fine stuff! Cheers! - Leah

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Leah ,I am not in harms way but the fires dominating things here.Currently its a 300 k fire front(perimeter) with winds of 70+k tomorrow.So far we have lost 120,000 hectares of bush,200 houses gone ,the numbers are still be added up.Tomorrow is D day. They are about an hours drive away at the closest point, 800 firefighters ,army being mobilised,evacuations of civilians going on now.

Back to food:biggrin:,Australias biggest fish market is ten minutes away.We have a huge range of seafood because we have so much coast.Cold water things from Tasmania right through to tropical from our far north. We also get a lot of product shipped from New Zealand fresh ,then there is Asian frozen stuff which is not really to my taste.

I have done a bunch of seafood things for this great site. Now we are heading into summer seafood consumption goes up. 

Australian Xmas dinner is very seafood dominated .Cold seafood on a sweltering hot summers day makes more sense then roast turkey:biggrin:

I am going to experiment with smoking some tuna,marlin,swordfish over summer.

Thanks to the great teachers on this site I now make lox!

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Oh Moikel, those fires sound so concerning!!!


I'm happy to hear you're safe, but it does indeed sound quite scary and devastating, (despite how fantastic Australia's fish supply and Christmas dinner and such sounds too, I must say); and so here is a well wish that all is remedied very soon!  Cheers to that, and to tomorrow being handled smoothly, and all being safe, and very well! - Leah

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