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I do think a vertical stuffer is in the cards, but I have to make sure this is something I will definitely stick with, as storage space is at a premium.  I'm not big on "single taskers" but as I venture forth, I think my small appliances will have to get culled, so I can make space for a stuffer.


Note to self:  Clean out pantry to make space for sausage stuffer, during your time off work in two weeks. 


I know the smaller vertical stuffers hold about 5 lbs at a time.  Do you have any recommendations for something a bit smaller/more manageable for a beginner?  I believe I read something about the horizontal ones... with a lever?  *scratches head and tries to remember*


I do very much appreciate all the kind words of encouragement!  I think I can... I think I can...  train.gif

Bloo would not recomend a stuffer smaller than 5lbs.  If space is the problem, consider selling the stock pot.  Once you get the stuffer, it will be your new adiction