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A Smoke for all seasons! Q-View

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Holy hell, today, Sunny, Rain, Hail and Snow. All in one day. Winds of upto 60kmh at points as well. It was a challenge keeping the temps up, burned a bit more wood than normal, but all in all success. Hit upto 250 a couple points, had a good run around 225, but at one point (stage 2 foil wrap, I barely got past 210)


So, I had the outlaws over for mothersday dinner with the wife, decided to Smoke 4 racks of ribs (overkill. we only went through 2. Normally wife, son and I eat one and a bit with a squash or some light veg. Didnt account for the beans and cornbread) So got us some good left-overs.


Rubbed them down with a memphis rub, I have slightly modified from reading here and google. Wrapped to sit overnight in the fridge. 
Started with some rain while getting the smoker going, which turned to sun then to hail. Smoked the first two hours wiht a pecan/applewood mix. Did up some baked beans using Dutch's wicked beans as a guideline (used 2 cans chipolte beans and cut the catsup 50/50 with bbq sauce). 'Mopped' (? dunno if I am referencing that right) the ribs with Apple Juice / VInegar 8/1 ratio - and wrapped them in foil. It was quite windy at this point, and snow was intermitten with hail. Added the beans and wrapped ribs for 2hrs. Tossed some chips on the embers to get some smoky falvior for the beans


After 2 hours, unwrapped the ribs, lightly smeared them with viking banana bbq sauce (the outlaws had brought it as a gift from antigua, so I was a bit obligated to use it) And back on for an hour.


IN the meantime, I made a cornbread, lifted an idea from here, but basically substituted the milk for sour cream as per the ingredients on the package, and, did it in a skillet in the oven as recommended here on this forum.


Everyone loved everything, a good challenging smoke but smiles all around.


And now the pics, hope this is not overkill...


















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That looks great! Ribs, beans, and corn've convinced me on what I should be this coming weekend.
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  Looks like it was all good. Great job! Especially with Mother Natures curve balls!



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Man, that all looks delicious!  Nice going...



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Sounds like it was quite a challenge.  I am sure it was worth it though and you got leftovers as well!

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Everything looks fantastic!


Great job my friend!



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Ribs look great! We're having that kind of weather today! Was 85*f yesterday, today it's 60*, blowing like mad and raining sideways. Was going to smoke tonight, but think I'll hold off!

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That weather did suck, I was seasoning my MES that same day.

Can you post your corn bread recipe for me.

-Fellow GTA'er

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