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Quick newbie question on nails/closing wood gaps

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Hi there! Just finished my new wood smoker (in my avatar).


I have basically two questions... one, I have nails here and there where necessary to hold up the wood. Is it a big deal for health issues?


Other, I used aluminum foils with a few staples to close gaps and hold the heat. Good idea?



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Are they galvanised nails and staples? How hot do you plan on smoking?
I see this is your first post here. Would you do us a favor and swing by "Roll Call" and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome, Thanks!
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I plan on doing hot smoking, most probably under 200F. I have not yet installed my themometer, so right now I have no idea how hot it can get... I have a dual electrical hot plate as a heat source.


I could not imagine for the life of me that screws here and there would be toxic....

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Zinc which is used in the galvanising process can cause health issues and when heating galvanised pieces they can put off things that are undesirable to the human body. I don't know the specifics of it off hand but if you search heating galvanised you should find a lot of detail about it.
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with a duel electric you are correct at your temps. being under 200. as far as galvanised nails and screws, they will only be toxic Here and There.

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lol toxic "here and there"


honestly most everywhere I look people used screws for their builds.


what would you do? deconstruct?

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I think we need to determine what kind of screws they are and what kind of coating if any they have.
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Will an electric smoke house running at 225* really be a problem with zinc oxide poisoning from the galvanized metal off gassing (aka metal fume fever)?  I always thought the temps had to be considerably higher to have the zinc off gas.  In a gas flame or stick burner fire pit, there are parts that are either close to or in contact with the flames that would be at high enough temps.  But in an electric?  I would think if you ran it a couple of hours at the highest temp you would ever use the smoker at (with no food), any off gassing would quickly be done and over with.

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I'd get some stainless screws the same size and just back them out and replace them.  To take a chance if you are the only one going to eat the food is fine, but if your planning on serving ANYONE else, you have to take responsibility to assure that there is no issue, big or small.


Sorry to sound that way, ...but thats just how it is in this world.

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I used regular nails but shot the wood from the outside. You dont want an air tight smokehouse or temps above 175

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What kind of wood are you guys using? Ive always wanted to try building one of these, but just dont think it would work in Florida, too humid. Too many bugs.

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