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new smoker

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Welcome to SMF!  Gorgeous Smoke House!  See that this is your first post!  Would you mind popping in over at Roll Call so we can give you a Proper SMF Howdy?



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Nice build, trout. Let us know how it smokes.
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Nice looking smoker. Welcome to the forum!

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so far have done almonds, cheese, butter and summer sausage. now turning up the heat for a couple slabs of ribs. no problems with burner and smoke generator works great!!!

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Very nice build. Looks GREAT.

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Nice build!
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Nice work. will be a good smkoehouse.icon14.gif

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baby backs and spares

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very nice...

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Excellent smoke house great idea

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Beautiful smoker!!

Do you have plans you can post? How did you line the inside? What did you use for a heat source?

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