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1st time Turkey

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It is 13.8 pounds. Any idea of the time it will take to cook this? I will be keeping it on the smoker and not moving to crisp the skin. I use a WSM and will probably be on the 230-235 temp range.

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I have never done one that large but have smoked several 9-10 pound bone in turkey breasts. For these about 35 minutes a pound at 240 degrees has been my experience. 

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Actually, there is not much reason to smoke poultry at such a low temp unless that's just your preference.  It does very well at significantly higher temps.  I generally smoke turkeys @ 275* until the IT of the bird reaches about 160*, then crank the smoker temp up to 300*-325* to crisp up the skin.  The IT of the thickest parts of the breasts and thighs should be around 170* to be done.  Make sure your meat probe doesn't contact bone or it'll give you false temp readings.  Often the breast reaches temp sooner than the thigh...I will tent some foil over the breast to keep them from drying out while waiting on the thighs to be done.  And about a half hour per pound, give or take, is a pretty good estimate.


Good luck, and be sure to show and tell us how it goes!



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That gives me something to work with. Thanks!

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