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Last Minute Smoking A Turkey on Mother Day

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Steaks are on the menu for tomorrow. But while walking through the store's meat section this little bird caught my eye.  12 pounds.


 So I think "Hmmm...  Should fit nicely in the MES 40. ...And my daughter, who is a NEW mother this year prefers turkey over red meat. ...And her husband can really put away the groceries anyway..."  

Enough justification! So I tossed the bird in the basket.


Because I have to do so much other cooking tomorrow I'm going to do this nice and simple.  No time to brine. But I did pick up a bottle of Tony Chacheres Injection Creole Butter.   I'll use his spice and whatever I can find in the cabinet for the rub. Suggestions are always welcomed!


Ive got some lemons apples limes and oranges to stuff the cavity.  Simple!  Lets hope its good... Brian



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But before I start... must make Saturday night dinner.  Burgers and brats on the GWK. (Green Weber Kettle) What a great grill. Just waiting for the charcoal to proof. What is it about the smell of burning charcoal?  Total greatness. 


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Okay... unbagged the bird and removed the goodies that only I will eat.  Quick wash and pat down to dry it. Gently run your fingers between skin and breast meat. Slather a bit of rub and slip in a few pats of butter under the skin to keep the meat moist. Light coat of olive oil on the outside and more rub. Stuffed with Lemon Orange Lime and I found a Granny Smith apple rolling around the crisper drawer.

I won't inject the bird until the morning. B


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Sounding real Good!!!
Can't wait to see that golden bird tomorrow!
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That's lookin' real good so far, BD!  Keep the Qview coming!



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I prefer to inject the night before if you aren't brining. I've also experienced nothing positive by over stuffing a cavity of a bird. I'll be expecting some Q View!
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Sunday morning.  The bird has been marinating in the fridge with the rub, olive oil and butter.  I inject it with off the shelf Tony Chacheres Creole Butter.  Easy!  B


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Looking good so far!

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The bird goes in the MES 40. Set at 240 degrees  Apple Chips.  3 probes...  Breast Thigh and one for the Smoker.  Looking for 165 at the breast around 3pm. 


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You might want to crank it to 250-275ish if you want to hit 165F by 3pm.


Just from my experience last week that seems about right. Here's my thread on an 11lb turkey at 240F. 3.5 hours in and I was only at 145F.

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Thanks for the tip ATS.  The bird temp  DID hit the wall.  So I'll crank it up. 

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Seek a peek.  And a little basting 


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I've been doing a tukey today as well. Brined it using Jeff's turkey brine and injected it with his mop water. But it sure seems to be getting up to temperature too quickly. 13.8 pounds cooking at around 250 8:10 this morning (it is 11:45 when I write this) and it shows it at 154 already. I do know when I did a prime rib on my grill (a WSM 22.5) it cooked faster than it was supposed to as well. I'm using the Maverick ET-732 with the meat probe in the breast.

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Hold steady on Den. My bird hit the wall about that same temp.  Using the mav 732 as well. 

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This is why I love this place, never have to wait long for help. Yes, my bird has been sitting at 156 now for a bit, it just got to that point a lot quicker than I expected though in the back of my mind I kept saying it will rise slower as it gets closer to done. I have never done a turkey before, not even in the oven. I don't mind it taking a bit longer to cook because some things popped up after I began the smoke and we are going to be eating later than originally planned.

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So Den... How'd it turn out? 

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And here is the bird.  Lightly smoked. Very tender. And the injections along with the basting made the meat very juicy. B


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Slowed it down some and now am picking it back up. It looks great though. Right now it is at 163.

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Looks great!

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Here she is after I "flipped the bird."




And here she is right off the grill. A bit of a farmer tan I think.


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