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April Throwdown Winners ARE!!!!! - Page 2

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Creative dishes.... deserving of the wins.....   Congrats to both of you..... And congrats to the entries not pictured here.... They were also very creative....   

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Good job, looks great!
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awesome work fellas! i need to work on my presentation for the next one:)

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Great Job to both of you!  Looks great!  Congrats!

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Congrats to all.  Nice technical achievement by the Judges winner and Jar Jar's pulled pork stuffed poblano looked great. 


And thank you to whoever voted for my Inside Out Stuffed Red Pepper Fatty.  I got at least one vote that wasn't mine.  biggrin.gif

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Sweet I'm so excited! Thank you everyone, all the entries looked really great! I'll be posting the recipe probably later tonight

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