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Tri Tip Per Jeff's Recipe w/ Q-View (WOW!!)

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As fate would have it for one who seems to be blessed in life, I got two pleasant surprises yesterday morning. The first was that I was given the day off with pay as a bonus for completing a large project way ahead of schedule and well under budget. The second surprie was that my youngest daughter was in town and wanted to get together for dinner. She is in the Navy and had been stationed in Guam for the past year but returned to the states about a month ago. She is currently stationed in Mississippi but got a few days of leave and decided to come see her old dad...which is great!! My whole family has always loved it when I cooked steaks on the grill and that was her request for dinner. I wanted to take it a step farther and decided to do a Tri Tip roast on the smoker instead so I did a little reading. Jeff's recipe looked fairly easy yet extremely tasty so the decision was made. I did change the seasoning a little bit however. I used less rub, added some Montreal Steak Seasoning (which we love on steaks) and some coarse ground black pepper (which we love on everything) and it made an incrredible combination of flavors!! Here is the incriminating evidence with a brief summary to follow:


Tri Tip seasoned, marinated for 3 hours per Jeff's recommendation, and ready to go on the smoker


1 hour into a 2 hour smoke and it's looking awesome!! Time to insert the digital thermometer.


Although the weather idiots were only calling for a 10% chance of rain, we had a major storm hit at about the 1 1/2 hour mark. Torrential rain, serious lightening, strong winds, and a bunch of thunder...which really upsets the Executive Chef.


The Executive Chef braved the storm and declared that the meat had hit an IT of 145 degrees and was ready to come off the smoker.


This is absolute perfection!! You just don't get a more perfect medium rare than this drool.gif


Dinner alas!! Tri Tip, garlic mashed potatoes w/ beef gravy, and a Kitchen Sink salad....yes it has everything in it including the kitchen sink :-)


I have always been a huge fan of good steaks but I'll tell you, this roast rivals the best beef that I have ever eaten, including some of the best steak houses in the country. It was absolutely incredible and I may never grill another steak after having eaten this. It was kind of a combination of a good wood-fired steak and a first-class prime rib. So tasty, so tender, and a plethora of falvors between the seasoning and the smoke. All I can say is WOW!! What a great meal and once again Ihave this forum to thank for the necessary information to make it happen.


Have a great weekend everybody!!


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Very nice and thank your daughter for her service for our country...

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That, is a beautiful piece of meat
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Wow Robert, that looks fantastic drool.gif. Congrats on the great smoke. Sharing good food with family and good friends is what it's all about. And as Roller said, thank you to your daughter for her service to our country!!



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Robert, that looks absolutely delicious!  Nicely done, sir, and I want to chime in with the others and thank you daughter for her service!



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Fantastic looking beef Robert.  What a great welcome home dinner and wonderful way to show appreciation for your daughters sacrifice and service to our country. 

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Looks perfect. Please thank your daughter for her service from me as well. My daughter just came home for the first time in 2 years (she's in the Air Force). I spent a while in the Air Force too but these young people today are stretched thin with one hell of an OPSTEMPO. I hope you guys had a great time and that TriTip tasted as good as it looked. Great job!


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