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chicken breasts

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I have some gargantuan chicken breasts, bone in skin on.  I have an MES 30 and wondering if I'd be correct in smoking at 250-275 for a couple of hours.  Any hints?




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Phyllis Chicken breast won't benefit from a lower-slower smoking.  I would give it a brine of your choice with 1 cup kosher salt to a gallon of water ( just cut it down if you need less)  for about an hour and cook at 300-325 to an IT of 165


Your chicken breast will come out moist and tasty...good luck!

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Inject it with a thin marinade, use your rub on top and under the skin, and smoke it at 250F until 160F reached. Probably 2 hours or so at that temp. If the skin isn't crispy, finish on the grill really fast.

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Thanks one and all.



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