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Pork Butt

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I bought the Sams Club 2 pack a few weeks back.  I cut each butt in half, half with bone and half without.  I smoked/pulled both bone in pieces and intended on  slicing the boneless pieces.  Turns out I need more pulled.  Will the boneless pieces turn out better, the same or worse than the bone in pieces?

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I'd say about the same...just smoke the boneless halves and combine it'll turn out great!


Good luck!


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Thanks Red!

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I found boneless cook faster. Maybe a little less flavor. As stated mixing is a great way to go.

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My experiences the bone in take less time than the boneless....but saw no difference in taste.  BUT...with smaller pieces...should take less time.  My 2 cents!



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Either way, it's all good!  The bone in should normally cook a little faster.  Mix it together and it will be great!


Good luck!!!

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