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WSM 22.5!?!

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Just got me a wsm 22.5 and I'm a bit puzzled by the assembly instructions for the screw, nuts and spacers. Mostly it's in what order and what side of the smoker I should be putting these on. They have regular metal washers as well as some kind of synthetic or non-metal spacer. What order should I be putting these on for the legs as well as the water pan brackets?


screw > leg > smoker > non-metal spacer > metal spacer > nut

screw > leg > non-metal spacer > smoker >  metal spacer > nut

screw > leg > metal spacer > smoker > non-metal spacer > nut


I just don't want to load up a pile of coals and have this thing tip over onto my feet after 3 hours.

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The non-metal spacers go on the outside against the enamel finish. They are there to protect the outside enamel, the metal ones on the inside.

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muchas gracias mi amigos!!!

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Greg's got you coverd.... I had the fiber washers in the wrong place... that's what I get for answering threads late at night when I'm barely staying awake... lol.

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