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turkey leg and thigh on my 18" weber kettle

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hi guys 

i thought i would show you my first effort at smoking a turkey leg and thigh 

i had no time to brine the turkey so i injected chicken stock with some butter, i then used jamaican style chicken seasoning as the rub , then i smoked it with apple wood and a small piece of english oak on my weber kettle, spraying with apple juice every hour, i kept the temperature around 250 - 260f until the internal temperature of the meat was at 175f i left it to rest wrapped in foil in a very low oven for 1 hour and served it shredded in tortilla wraps with stir fried mushrooms,sweet peppers,onions and green beans,with salsa and sour cream and a side of spicy potato wedges YUM !!!!

the turkey leg was huge as this is a view of drumstick and thigh on my 18.5 inch weber kettle about 2 hours into the smoke


fully rested and about to break them up 

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Looks good, great start to smoking

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That is a great job on those turkey legs. Could not do it better myself.  I like your combination to serve in the tortilla wraps as well. Reinhard

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thanks reinhard

that is very kind of you to say that as i am fairly new to smoking the american way .here in england bbq is mainly grilled meats(steaks burgers etc) and i have learned everything i know about smoking through the great information i have got on this web site

i also serve pulled pork in the wraps even though i love pp in rolls with coleslaw and pickles i find that they fill me up with the bread when i would much rather eat more of  the pork lol

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Sounds delicious!!!
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LIKING IT!!!   Love some smoking in the kettle....looks delicious!

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