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price of brisket ?

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stopped by a local grocery chain store and asked about briskets, he went and got a flat (that's all they carry ) $ 6.50 a pound I almost fell over.


Is that the normal price ? ,give or take 


it wasn't that big of piece of meat for $50 and you loose a 1/4 in cooking 


Whats your thoughts and prices in area ?

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Flats will always be higher priced and point cuts cheaper. If you buy the whole brisket that will be your best value. Prices may vary depending where you live and what store you go to. I have found that Super Walmart, Costco, and Sam's to have the best prices here in Minnesota. I can still get a whole brisket cryo'd for under 3 bucks a pound. Call around your area. Perhapst a local butcher shop could get you a better deal as well. Reinhard

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Flats are always expensive!!!!


The last full packer my Son got was from WallyWorld for $2.29.




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I pick packers up for 1.98 to 2.28 at HEB

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2.99 lb rowes iga  whole packer

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Whole angus packer. 2.38 a pound at SAMs tonite.
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I went shopping today at Sam's Club in San Marcos, TX. I purchased a USDA Choice for 3.96 per lb. Select was $2.97.

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$6.50 way too much for here.

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$4.29 for trimmed brisket for me at local grocery store
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Originally Posted by billmc40 View Post

Whole angus packer. 2.38 a pound at SAMs tonite.

Same here. Just picked one up today as well in Iowa.

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Went to HEB in New Braunfels this morning and just checked to see the price of brisket. It was a $1.77 a lb. So, I bought one for the freezer.

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here in Cali. going rate for a full packer is , $3.59lb, so it will run me about $40 clams to get a good one, that why I got a FoodSaver..Vittles for a year or so.

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Anyone ever done one of these beauties? their meat looks amazing but the prices will give you a heart attack.

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Picked up a 13+ lb Brisket at Bellville Meat Market couple days ago for $36.
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Went to my local Costco, they only had flats, so I called a local butcher he told me he could get me a 12-13 lb packer in a day or two, went to pick it up last night, $4.99/lb, higher than I wanted but I won't care when it's time to eat tonight
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2.99/lb for a flat at Sams just a couple days ago.

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