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Talledega Pulled Pork

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...brined overnight, rubbed with Bad Byron's, cooked on the mini wsm, black eye peas in the cast iron dutch oven, and corn bread on a cast iron skillet on the kettle (all fired by Kingsford). 






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Man, that looks great! Nicely done, Bama...

post #3 of 8 kind of vittles!!!!  drool.gif



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2thumbs.gif It don't get much better than that! Very nice!

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Job well done, that spread looks AMAZING!!  icon_lol.gif

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Looks great!  I have a question for you about the mini.  I notice that you have the charcoal in a broke circle formation with your wood chunks in the center.  How has that method worked for you and how much time do you get with that set up?

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Nice looking meal! My mini is my favorite smoker!

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looks pretty darn good!first.gif

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