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Need Input on Slicers????

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I need a new slicer and have been researching them to a point I am just overwhelmed! I do have a few in mind but would like to hear everyones input on what they know about them.

I would like one that has spare parts available and would like to keep it under $200.

So Please I would like as much info as you can give about any slicers you have or have used.

Thanks in advance!
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Dave....I have a Rival Slicer that my Husband gave me years ago.  I never used it...I guess I was scared of slicing my fingers off.  Pulled it out of the appliance grave yard...and cleaned it up.  Works like a charm and I have sliced briskets and pastrami on it.  Easy to take apart and clean too.


I know it was less than $100 when He bought it too.



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In the same boat as you are Dave and then I have the same fear that Kat had with her fingers! Kat could you post a pic or details please?

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Here is a sort of blurry picture of the slicer.  I can call my daughter and get the number and everything off of it.  I know he got it at Wal-Mart a long time ago.  The parts are metal too.  So there is no plastic stuff.






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