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my Fatty was a flop

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I attempted a breakfast Fatty tonight but it was a flop. My sausage would not stay together I had it in a ziploc bag rolled out in the fridge but did not help. I was wondering what went wrong I have three more packs of this sausage in the freezer to try again. Could I mix it with some powdered geletin to hold together better or would that not work. My wife and I stuffed the mix in some muffin tins and they are in the smoker had to make use of it somehow.
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  Not sure what could have happened. Did the sausage have enough fat content?Please don't give up over 1 bad experience, that is why we are here....




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Here's a post that may help you with the rolling.
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Sorry to hear it didn't go Mike said, don't give up!  We love fatties, perhaps you just got a batch of poor sausage?


Here's a second fatty-rolling tutorial:  Hope you get it ironed out.



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