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'Pulled' pork Shots

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  Thought I would make some snacks for the folks at work tonight. What? No sausage thawed out, oh well, I had some PP , so decided to try it anyway.



Chopped nsome pulled pork and wrapped it with bacon.


Put on a a little of Jeff's sauce...


Then some of Jeff's rub...



 And some light brown sugar.

  Then into the smoker set at 250 with 1 row of apple wood pellets in the AMNPS.


  More to come as soon as they ate done...!



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Very interesting Mike! They sure sound Good! I'm curious how well they hold together but I guess it doesn't matter, they will taste good anyway!!
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I'm intrigued...Interested to see how they turn out! Red
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  I should be able to let you know soon. I think it is time to take them out.



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They look great!  How long do you smoke them for?

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  After 3 hours I pulled them  off the smoker. They held together pretty well. On the taste test, they were sweet and spicey but not as moist as ones done with sausage. Maybe should have used more sauce!



The finished pic. I still prefer the ones made with sausage, but when you don't have any...




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They look good to me! I'd polish off a few of those puppies.

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 Thanks JP. They are kinda like Lays potatoe chips, once you start, you just want more!



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Looking real good Mike! Are there going to be any left for work?
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  I haven't told the wife and kids about them, so MAYBE!



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Now that is an interesting twist. Other than them not being as moist as you would like, how was the texture? I wonder if maybe a little splash of vinegar sauce after coming out of the smoker might not be interesting? biggrin.gif
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  Joel i think a splash before going in the smoker would do the trick! Nice call!  Never know when you might need some finishing sauce.



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Wow, cool idea!

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Well, they looked good!


Maybe a little of my Carolina dip before wrapping them up would do the trick!  3 hours is a long time to smoke something that's already cooked....


I bet they hit the spot though!



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