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Originally Posted by Shane Kleffner View Post

I am new to the smoking business and just purchased a pit boss pellet smoker.  Has anyone tried the pit boss brand pellets.  I bought a bag this weekend and used them all day on various meats.  They sell them at my local Menards.  $23 for a 40 pound bag.  They seemed to do just fine.  Low ash, great flavor.  I used competition blend.  No issues.  I thought the price was reasonable.  Cheaper then charcoal for the amount used.  


Hi Shane!  First off, looks like this is your first post here...so welcome aboard!  Congrats on that new Pit Boss...hope you have fun learning everything you can do with it!


To answer your question, I've never tried the Pit Boss pellets, but it sounds like you've been satisfied with how their flavor and performance.  $23 per 40# is a pretty good price, so as long as you're happy, that's all that matters IMO.


Have fun, and happy smoking!



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Originally Posted by jgarizona View Post

I tried the bbq delight hickory pellets.  I found they created a lot of ash, there was to much saw dust at the bottom of the bag and there were pieces of blue rubber that were in 2 of the 20# bags that I opened.  Some of the rubber was really small but some of it was 1/4 inch in size.  I really don't like being forced to sift my pellets for trash.


I tried treager, they kicked off a lot of ash with not much flavor.


I just ordered some of the 100% hickory from cookingpellets dot com....  I hope to have better results.

How did the hickory pellets  form cooking pellets work out for you?

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Originally Posted by cosmo4u View Post

How did the hickory pellets  form cooking pellets work out for you?


Hey cosmo...


I know you asked this question of someone else, but I'll give you my opinion if it helps.  CookinPellets 100% hickory are my favorite pellets.  They are the only pellets I've tried in my pellet cooker where I can taste a noticeable difference in smoke flavor.  To be fair, I've not used Lumberjack pellets because they're hard to get in my neck of the woods...but I've read others say the same about them as well.  Because of space limitations, I don't buy in bulk.  So what I like to do is wait for Amazon to have a good price, and then buy a few bags of CP 100% hickory at a time with their free shipping.


I'm not sure where Todd (T Johnson) at A-Maze-N Products gets his pellets...but they are good too if you're looking for fuel for a smoker tube or maze.  He's also a good source of pellet information...kinda the resident expert around here.  He has answered questions for me about pellets more than once.



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​That price seems really good. I found Campfire Chief at Gander Mountain for 9,99 for a 20 lbs bag, Apple was all they had.



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I'm new to the pellet game. Bought some Lumberjack from Atwoods 9.99 per 20lb.
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Actually found Lumberjack on sale this weekend from Atwoods for 7.99 per 20#. Had to stock up.


Loaded up


Should be good for a day or two..
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Hey guys, anyone in Florida wanna split a pallet of pellets, CookingPellets or lumberJacks?



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