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Curious if anybody soaks their fully cooked  hams prior to smoking to reduce the sodium content from the manufacturer? I have one planned for Thurs and have not seen any instance of this being done in any threads I've checked out. Thanks for the input....Willie

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I soak corned beef before I cook it in the crock pot or before smoking for that reason.

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I usually rinse them off first
But I've never soaked one
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Willie, If you feel it is to salty for your taste go ahead and soak it for a few hours.  Being a city ham, I would think that 4-6 hours would be worth a try.  Try to keep it at 40° or just below.  Maybe soaking it in a cooler with ice would help.  I understand that refrigerator temps are a little cool for proper soaking.  Are you planning to hot or cold smoke?



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I've smoked a few smoked hams \shoulders that I've bought at the supermarket ....never soaked one
And I've never found one to be too salty. grilling_smilie.gif
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