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Jealous Neighbor

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The smell of pecan smoke from my backyard is making my new neighbor jealous.  I can hear them talking. I bet they'll second guess declining  my invitation to come over for bbq.  banana_smiley.gif

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A couple hours ago, I heard my neighbor ask her son who was bbqing, cause she was getting hungry.  I started laughing and I yelled over the fence it was me.  Enjoy your meal!

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I LOVE making my neighbors jealous as i see the TBS flowing over in their direction!

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My neighbor wanted to know what I was smoking the other day. He said the smell was making them crazy hungry.  Only problem was I was not smoking anything.  I did have a fire going in the fireplace though (it was when the cold snap came through last week).  I'm into my large stach of hickory I split from three trees lightning damaged at the other house a while back.  Yep, it does smell like a q-joint in the whole block when I burn that stuff.  I was running 100% hickory that day.


Guess I owe him some fatties now.

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Jealous neighbors? Mine always tend to "just be passing by" when they smell my pit rolling. I've sent some smoky goodness with them on more than one occasion.

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I always make a plate or two of the meat we smoke for the neighbor lady. I hardly ever send over any sides they seem to always get eaten. I really don't mind sharing with her.
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I always tell my neighbors when I'm gonna be smoking... and ask them if they have anything they want smoked... they always give me something to throw on for them... then they will call me and tell me "It's the best we've ever had"
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I couldn't let them suffer so I hooked them up.  The look on their faces was priceless when I told them what ABTs stood for as they were already chewing. biggrin.gif

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The neighbor kids always seem to be out and about when I am making something.  Funny how it works that way.  The are always asking for smoked almonds as well.

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I share with my neighbors on both sides too.  They love it....and have had no complaints!



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One of my neighbors whose name is...i think..."the old man next door".....pulls his little charcoal grill into the middle of his backyard with his garden hose like it's going to explode or something....and my other neighbor whose name is...get the visual here...."hand in the air"....never ask me for anything and I like it that way.....I can't wait to sell this place and move to where no one can even smell my smoke!!!!
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Are you in Camden or Glenn county?

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