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Saturday Trout

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A friend keeps my wife supplied with Trout so I Smoke some for him.



He likes it SMOKEY !!!!!!!!!!!



Load up the Tubes



He really likes it Smokey



After 5 hrs of Hickory He loved it, I did the wifes fish later with less Smoke.

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Nice job BP !!!


Any final pics?




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Thanks Bear Sorry no final pics I will try to do better next time

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What temp are you smoking at?
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Mmmmmm, Trout , all the trout are farm raised around here and when you do find then , they cost too much. I can't fish anymore and the Boy is too busy, but there is supossedly some good ones in Lake Erie.


Man , I wish I had 20yrs. back...


Have a good holiday and remember the fallen and service personnel.

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not really sure what temp now but I think around 150 to 180 cause it was going so long
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