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Mothers Day Cook WSM 18.5

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Wanting to get a few opinions here. Asked wife what she wanted for Mothers Day Lunch/Dinner. BBQ! So I am cooking for my wife and DIL:. The menu is as follows: brisket app 14 pounds before trim, one or two butts[depends on how and where I buy them] Two Chickens and finally ribs, ST Louis or baby baby backs.

I am thinking the following:

Starting brisket at app 6:00pm Saturday on upper rack and pork butt or butts on lower rack. That should give me app, 18 hours with a two hour rest for the brisket, lunch/dinner at 2:00pm. Butt or butts should be done by  8:00 am, plenty of time to rest and pull. Ribs 3-2-1 Starting at app 8:00 am lower rack If it gets to crowed I figured I would throw the ribs to the oven for the 2 hour foiled pan then to the grill to finish. Chickens at about 12::00pm. Thinking a bg of KB should get me thru this, I have app 80 pounds. Going to try for Dutchs wicked beans. Kids are in charge of the sides. Wife says she needs Q for the freezer.So we are wanting the left overs.


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All sounds great . You should give yourself some wiggle room for timing. Start earlier with the Brisket and Butts, they will hold for 4 to 6 hrs. wrapped and toweled for the cooler. My Time frame is computed @ 1,5hrs. cooking time @225*F for Brisket and Butt , plus a couple of extra hrs. Saves the guest getting preturbed from waiting.    frown.gif


Have a great time and ...

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Yeah, I also was concerned about that 14 hours for a shoulder smoke.  They seem to sometimes have a mind of their own and 18 hours is more normal IMO (unless you are running at a higher temp).  With foods that take a long time, I would rather start early and hold them in a cooler than have hungry guests looking for something else to eat while I'm dealing with a stalled load of meat.

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I am now thinking maybe starting at 3:00 pm Saturday. That will give me a few extra hours. I still need to go buy meat. Will probably do my shopping at SAMs club.
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